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CSP analysis: From Les Useres to Sant Joan de Penyagolosa (part 2)

From Les Useres to Benafigos the TWC and the CSP share the same course. Here, you can read the detailed analysis.

Once we are in Benafigos, the CSP course changes its direction to Culla. It goes through single tracks and dirt roads until an old campground, where the downhill to Montlleó river starts. In between we will pass through el Mas de Escrig, an old but beautiful farmhouse facing the peak of Penyacalva

Penyagolosa Trails-Octubre 2017-146

We cross the river Montlleó in order to start the uphill to Penyacalva. The hardest part is the first kilometers until our path opens up to a faster and not as steep dirt road. This uphill has 5,5 kms and 576m+. We can find it in Strava.

Once we are at Culla we follow down a dirt road until we reach the GR7 (red and white marks) that will bring us to Montlleó. Once here, a hard uphill covered with vegetation starts to el Mas de Campos


Nacho Gimeno paisatge 

In el Mas de Campos the uphill becomes wavier and as consequence faster  until the Sant Bertomeu hermitage. This section is 5km long and has 462 meters of positive slope. We can find it in Strava.


Foto Nacho Gimeno primavera

We leave Sant Bertomeu following the same wavy terrain, going through el Mas de Salvador until Vistabella, where we will share the last 200m before the village with the TWC course.

CSP leaves Vistabella with a downhill to the Gully del Molins, to climb up after to el Mas del l’Albagés. The uphill becomes smooth once we reach el Mas de Marimon and it keeps being this way until the village of Xodos.


. In Xodos the CSP course crosses the MIM track but we leave in a different direction with an easy uphill to the zone under the Mas de Gargant. Here the course gets back together with the TWC and share the same path until the finish line in Sant Joan de Penyagolosa. Here, to read the last shared section.

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