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ASICS Penyagolosa Trails 2024 Regulations

The Club Marató i Mitja is sponsored by the Provincial Council of Castelló, Generalitat Valenciana and in collaboration with clubs in the province and the municipalities of: Castelló de la Plana, Borriol, Vilafamés, Les Useres, Llucena, Atzeneta del Maestrat, Benafigos, Culla, Xodos, Villahermosa and Vistabella del Maestrat organize the ASICS Penyagolosa Trails®.

ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® 2024 is a sports event composed of two long-distance events in semi-self-sufficiency. Departing from Castelló de la Plana runners will finish at the Sanctuary of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa.

To participate it is necessary to meet all these requirements:

  • Be of legal age on the day of the race.
  • Accept the conditions of this regulation and the Informed Consent.
  • For the CSP®, provide a medical report of no contraindication for ultra-endurance sport, with a maximum date of one year to the date of the race. And upload it to manage registration on the website, before March 1. Otherwise, the registration will be cancelled.

Participation in this race is completely voluntary, under your responsibility and meeting the necessary physical and health conditions for a race of these characteristics.

By registering, you state that you have understood and explicitly and fully accepted the Regulations of the event, which will be held on April 20, 2024 and which are published at

That you are sure that you are physically and psychologically well prepared to run the race and that you follow the appropriate medical controls to ensure that you are in good general health, without suffering from any illness, allergy, physical defect, injury or cardio-respiratory condition that would make your participation in the race inadvisable.

That you are fully aware of the toughness of the race, its route, profile and distance, which you have previously consulted at

That you have sufficient knowledge and technical skill to guarantee your own safety, in the environment and conditions of autonomy in which the test takes place. Likewise, you have the sports and safety equipment required by the Organization for the day of the test, and you guarantee that it is in good condition, you know how to use it properly and you will carry it with you throughout the test.

You agree to comply with the rules and security protocols established by the organization of race, in which you are going to participate, as well as to maintain responsible behavior that does not increase the risks to your physical or mental integrity. You will follow the instructions and abide by the decisions made by those responsible for the Organization on security issues.

That you authorize the Medical Services of the race to perform any cure or diagnostic test that they consider at any time during the race, whether or not you have requested it. Given their requirements, you agree to abandon the race and/or allow your hospitalization, if they deem it necessary for your health.

You agree to follow the following general guidelines of respect for others and the environment:

  • Travel with caution and according to the established rules on tracks and roads open to traffic and travel slowly in the presence of people, animals or vehicles.
  • Do not cause alterations in the processes and natural functioning of ecosystems.
  • Do not light a fire or cause fire risk situations.
  • Do not throw or abandon objects or solid or liquid waste outside of the places expressly enabled for their collection.
  • Do not leave the marked route.
  • Close the fences or cables for livestock, which I am forced to open as I pass.

Printable version of the Informed Consent

For reasons of safety, respect for the environment and quality, it is necessary to limit the number of bibs. All pre-registrations and registrations will be made exclusively from

IMPORTANT: If you opt for the MiM® draw, it won’t be possible to opt for the CSP® draw and vice versa.

The pre-registration period will be from 12:00 p.m. from 11/23/2023 until 7:00 p.m. from 12/11/2023.

Since 2015, there is no waiting list. Given the experience of previous years, most cancellations occur close to the date of the race and it is not reasonable to consider participating in a long-distance event without adequate preparation.

Therefore, registrations are managed with overbooking, that is, at the time registration closes, more bibs are admitted than spots available, so cancellations are anticipated. In this way, all participants have the same preparation time.


If the number of pre-registrations exceeds the maximum number admitted, a draw will be organized. Otherwise, if you do not pass it, all pre-registrations will be automatically registered without going through a lottery. In addition, the pre-registration system would become direct registration and would remain open until places are sold out. Pre-registrations that meet any of the following requirements will be admitted to the place without going through a draw:

  • 25th Anniversary: All the runners who finished the 1999 edition.
  • Fidelity: Runners with at least 50% of editions completed.
    • For the MiM® it will be necessary to have completed at least 12 of the editions between MiM® and CSP®.
    • For the CSP® it will be necessary to have completed at least 6 editions of CSP®.
  • Results: Runners with a result in some of the last two editions (20222023):
  • In MiM® a result inferior than 07h30′ in men and 09h00′ in women.
  • In CSP® a result inferior than 15h30′ in men and 19h30′ in women.
  • Podium: The first three classified and the first three classified in any of the previous editions. Ranking [limited space]: ITRAUTMB at least 775 points in men and 625 points in women.

1,500 places for the MiM® and 600 places for the CSP® will be drawn among all pre-registrations, excluding from the draw those who have obtained a place for any of the cases contemplated above.

Then, the organization will reserve a number of places for:

  • Clubs and Sponsors: For the teams of our collaborating clubs and official sponsors.
  • Internationalization: Strictly limited to the representation of each country in pre-registrations.

Lottery info:

The draw will be held, in front of a notary, on 12/14/2023 together with the presentation of ASICS Penyagolosa Trails®.

Once participants who have obtained a slot for some of the reasons detailed in the rules,  have been removed from the lottery, remaining lottery entrants will be assigned raffle numbers according to the order of pre-registration. The list of numbers for the lottery will be published after the pre-registration closes and before the lottery takes place.

Lottery process:

A number, one for each race, will be randomly draw from all the numbers assigned to that lottery. Each one of these numbers will be granted a slot, as well as the 1499 following that number in the case of the MiM® and the 599 following in the case of the CSP®. That is, if it comes out, for example 120 in the MiM®, they will have a slot assigned from number 120 to number 1619 inclusive.

In case the number drawn is such that the remaining sequential numbers will exceed the final number in the list, the sequence would continue with the first number, number 1, and successively until the necessary successive numbers are included. That is, if in the MiM® there are 2,000 numbers in the draw and 1950 comes out, they would be lucky from 1950 to 2000, and from 1 to 1449.

Lottery result:

After lottery, you will be notified by email in case of obtaining a place. The winners in the draw and all those who have obtained a bib for any of the reasons stated above will have until 12/31/2023 to complete their final registration. Those who do not proceed with payment within the specified period will lose their right to registration. As spots become available during this period, the organization will contact the following people on the provisional draw list. In the case of the MiM®: starting with those who have been rejected in the draws of the two previous editions, and who have not had the option of running in either race, following the order of the provisional list by draw number . These new selected people will have a period of 72 hours to complete the registration. Otherwise, they will permanently lose their slot.

By registering, you state that you have understood and explicitly and fully accepted the Regulations.

The following registration prices are established:

  • ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® MiM®: €90.
  • ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® CSP®: €130.

The registration price includes:

  • Right to participate in the ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® 2024.
  • Commemorative and exclusive ASICS technical t-shirt for the ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® 2024.
  • Gift bag with commemorative and exclusive details.
  • Accident and civil liability insurance.
  • Timing with Live Trail®
  • Medical and health team, with the capacity to assist along the route.
  • General coordination center for the event with digital communication throughout the entire route.
  • Transportation from the aid stations with a withdrawal point to the finish line.
  • Transportation of the life bag, two in the case of the CSP®, from the ExpoTrail to the finish line.
  • Liquid and solid supplies during the race, in addition to a complete one at the finish line.
  • Showers with hot water at the finish line.
  • Inclusive changing rooms in the finish area.
  • Finisher medal.
  • To be eligible for trophies and cash prizes, see article 18.
  • Transportation for the return from the finish area to the departure area.
  • Free shuttle bus so that family members and companions can access the finish line.
  • Free photo report.
  • Option to refund the registration amount, following the following deadlines:
    • Until February 15: 80% of registration, less management fees.
    • From February 15 to March 1: 50% of registration, less management fees.
    • Starting March 1, no amount of the registration fee will be refunded.

    Any refund request must be processed by email, from the same email that appears in the registration, to, indicating personal data.


Pregnancy Policy:

The goal is to provide a deferral of up to three years in the participation of the ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® to anyone with a bib number who is pregnant before April 1, with a 100% refund of the registration fee.

To request the postponement you must send an email to, before April 1, and provide written confirmation of the pregnancy signed by the medical staff.

To use the pregnancy deferral you must pre-register for the corresponding draw within the next 3 years and notify it by email.

All other rules and requirements for pre-registration for the race apply, see article 3.

The refund of the amount does not apply to solidarity bibs, since this is a donation.

The Asociación Protectora de Animales Huellas Callejeras, thanks to the donation from ASICS Penyagolosa Trails®, offers solidarity bibs for the MiM®. This will help finance the activities of the association and subsequently promote its dissemination. The solidarity bib guarantees a bib, even if registrations are sold out. The management of the solidarity bibs is exclusive to the association. Those runners interested in obtaining one of these numbers can make their donation through:

The association will send the organization the donation information and will contact the donor by email to process registration for the race.

As they are donations, these numbers are not subject to the return option.

Each bib number is personal and non-transferable, so no change or transfer of bib number, chip or bracelet is permitted. This circumstance, if it occurs, would be cause for disqualification and veto for future editions.

You must wear both the bib number and the attached chip on the front part and fully visible throughout the race. On the back of the bib you will have the protocol to follow in case of emergency along with a phone number to call. You will also have a space to write down relevant data for emergency medical teams; such as blood group, allergies or diseases. The bib along with the bracelet are the pass to access the different services; start line, aid stations, buses, showers, medical care or collection and delivery of life bags. In the bib envelope you will also find a second chip to place in the back (backpack).

To facilitate live tracking, certain runners may need to wear a GPS device and a second bib number on their back.

Bib collection:

The bib delivery will be at the ExpoTrail on Friday 04/19/2024 from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., in no case at the start lines. To collect the number it will be essential to present your ID or equivalent document. If you cannot arrive at that time, you can authorize a third person from manage registration. In that case you must come with your documentation to the exit one hour in advance to collect the bracelet, which is essential to access the exits and the different services.

Life bags:

Along with the BIB, a 20-liter life bag (2 in the case of CSP®)  can be delivered to the organization, duly closed and with the identification provided at the ExpoTrail (Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.) In any case the delivery of the life bags will be at the start line. The bag will be transported to the finish line. In addition, a second bag will be transported to Culla in CSP®. As far as possible, this second bag will be moved to the finish line for the arrival of each person.

Claims for loss or breakage of the contents of the bags will not be accepted, since, if they are not verified by the organization, there is no confirmation of said content. It is recommended not to bring valuable objects.

If you leave during the first night of the CSP® where the transfers are towards the start line, you must collect your life bags arriving at the finish line by your own means or following the information in article 23.

The start of the races will be from the athletics tracks of the Universitat Jaume I. It is recommended to arrive one hour in advance to avoid possible traffic jams and keep in mind that access to the start closes fifteen minutes before, so if you have not accessed, your race number will be invalidated and you will not be able to continue in the race.

Departure of the ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® CSP® at 00:00 h. from 04/20/2024.

Departure of the ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® MiM® at 06:00 h. from 04/20/2024.

When accessing the start line, the mandatory material can be reviewed, so you must have it accessible and visible.

Organizers recommend proper planning of race equipment based on competitors’ abilities, the weather, estimated race time and other variables that may compromise competitors’ safety. Each participant must be fully aware of the race’s length and difficulty, which can increase at night, under possible climatic conditions: heat, cold, rain and wind. Therefore, competitors should make sure that clothing, footwear, as well as physical health, are appropriate to complete the race. All participants are obliged to carry the following equipment, which will be checked at the start and can be checked again at any other point during the race.

Organizers may add some type of mandatory equipment not included in this section. In such case, such equipment requirement will be properly communicated in advance to race participants via the website or by e-mail.

These races are governed by the principle of individual race in semi-self-sufficiency. That is, the ability to organize your own survival between two points, both from a food, clothing or security point of view. This principle implies the following rules:

  • You must carry all the mandatory material throughout the race (article 10) and the organization can check it at any time. It is mandatory to submit to said control, under penalty of disqualification.
  • To avoid the collapse of roads and/or highways, out of environmental respect and for safety reasons, personal assistance is only authorized in the designated areas of the following aid stations:

ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® MiM®: Borriol, Les Useres, Torrosselles  *² and Xodos.

*² Access to Torrosselles will be closed to traffic for two kilometers, which must be covered on foot.

ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® CSP®: Borriol, Les Useres, Atzeneta, Culla, Vistabella and Xodos. It is prohibited at the rest of the aid stations and at any other point on the route.

  • Accompaniment during all or part of the race by a non-registered person is prohibited.


There will be a access control at each aid station and at mobile points whose location will not be communicated. You must follow the entire marked route without skipping any signs and go through all the checkpoints.

Aid Stations:

It is your obligation to take your waste to the aid stations and deposit it selectively in the designated spaces. As well as, carry your own glass to serve yourself drinks.

The areas reserved for aid stations are restricted and are for the exclusive use of runners, so neither the public nor assistance will be able to access them. To avoid the collapse of roads and/or highways, out of environmental respect and for safety reasons, it is strongly recommended that assistance and the public only access the aid stations where external assistance is permitted. Access to the rest of the aid stations or parts of the route will be restricted, regulated or cut.

Schedule Cuttings:

You must leave the aid station before the set deadline, regardless of the time of arrival at said checkpoint. Otherwise you must withdraw from the race and follow the instructions of the organization.


In the case of bad weather or other major threat, organizers reserve the right to suspend, neutralize or modify time allowances and/or the race and aid stations. In this case, registration fees will not be refunded.

In case of event cancellation due to a major threat and more than 7 days before the start date, a partial registration fee refund will be made. The amount shall be determined on the basis of the organization’s capacity for reimbursement after covering fixed, non-recoverable costs.

If the race is interrupted and suspended at a point on the course, classifications will be determined according to the order and arrival time at the stopping point or at the last checkpoint.

The route will be marked with reusable red tape located at regular intervals depending on type of terrain and roads, it being the responsibility of each participant to locate marks and follow it. For greater visibility at night In the night parts the tapes will be equipped with reflective elements that will stand out in the light from the runner’s front light.

ATTENTION: If you do not see the course markings, go back and look for the signs again!

It is obligatory to follow the race course and not to take shortcuts. Shortcuts do not save much time, are dangerous and erode the terrain.

Sections of the route that run along urban roads or streets will not be blocked off to traffic; participants must comply with general traffic norms or with the indications put in place by organizers. It will be obligatory to cross roads via pedestrian crossings or places enabled for the occasion and properly marked. It will be obligatory to follow the marked itinerary, as well as go through all the established checkpoints.

There will be several roving medical and security teams distributed among different points along the course, depending on immediate priorities. These teams will be coordinated with race directors, law enforcement and rescue teams. This fact does not exempt runners from the obligation to offer assistance to any other participant who is in need and communicate it to the organization.

The assessment of the medical team will always prevail, and may:

  • Remove from the race (annulling his/her race number) any runner not fit to continue.
  • Order the evacuation of any runner considered being in danger.
  • Order the hospitalization of any runner for whom it is deemed necessary.

Except in the case of serious injury, you should never leave outside of an aid station. You must notify the organization, which will permanently invalidate your bib and you will retain the bib, since this is the pass to access the buses or aid stations.

In case of withdrawal after a checkpoint, you must return to said point and communicate the withdrawal to the organization. If on your return you find the broom, which closes the race, it will be the one that invalidates the bib and from here on, the runner will not be under the control of the organization.

After withdrawal, the transfer will be carried out in accordance with the following general rules:

  • During the early hours of Saturday (CSP®) buses will leave from Les Useres (6:30 a.m.) and Atzeneta (7:00 a.m.) directly to the start line.
  • During the rest of the event, all transfers will be made to the finish line, so that you can access the rest of the services and collect your life bags. To later return to the start line.
  • The points with connection to the finish line are: Les Useres, Atzeneta and Vistabella.
  • From Torrosselles and Culla you will have shuttle service with Atzeneta to access the bus.
  • If you abandon at an aid station that is not a withdrawal point, you must reach the closest withdrawal point as soon as possible by your own means. Or wait for the control to close.


In case of unfavorable weather conditions, which force the total or partial stoppage of the race, the organization guarantees evacuation in the shortest time possible.

Every person is obliged to help any other runner who needs it, within his or her own capabilities and knowledge. Failure to do so implies incurring a serious crime of omission of relief, punishable by law.

In the case that you cannot or you encounter someone who cannot, get to the next aid station and it is an emergency. You must call the number indicated on the bib and if there is no coverage, call 112, indicating:

  • That you are a participant in the ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® and your bib number.
  • Approximate point of the route where you are.
  • Medical problem or emergency that affects us or we encounter.

After these steps, you must always follow the telephone instructions indicated to you. Keep in mind that once the emergency is activated, a series of resources are mobilized based on the information you have provided, so the information provided is very important. You must not leave the indicated point without communicating it and in no case abandon the route as this would make it difficult to locate you.

All runners will be covered by accident insurance that provides at least the coverage of the mandatory sports insurance indicated in the annex to Real Decreto 849/1993 de 4 junio.

This insurance will be contracted by the organization and is included in the registration price.

The finish line of the ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® is located in Sant Joan de Penyagolosa, in the heart of the Penyagolosa Natural Park. It is a privileged environment that needs care and respect but that implies certain special characteristics. Both runners, family members and followers must take into account:

  • Vehicle access will be closed 8 kilometers before, where a parking area and a free shuttle bus service will be provided to access the finish area.
  • There is no telephone coverage, so a Wi-Fi network with a satellite link is enabled to access minimal services. You must go to the tent enabled to manage access.
  • There are no catering services, so family members and followers must anticipate their needs.
  • The public and runners areas will be limited, you should not leave them.
  • The public address system is limited during the day and turned off at night, it is prohibited to use megaphones or elements that produce noise to encourage, we must respect the environment.
  • For environmental reasons, night lighting is limited to security elements.

Return from finish line

If your family or followers have arrived with the shuttle bus, you can use this same service to return.

From 3:00 p.m. The exclusive bus service for runners will be available, which returns to the exit with an approximate frequency of one hour.

The following categories are established, which are governed from the day they reach the age defined by each category.


Sum of times of the first four runners, always with representation of both sexes. It will be scored only for the club that appears on the registration, in addition it must be legally constituted.

Environmental award:

To encourage and reward actions to conserve the forest and natural environment in the runners community.


The first three runners in each category and the first three clubs will have a trophy.

Cash prizes:

In the absolute category, €20,000 will be distributed in prizes:


  • The corresponding withholding will be applied to all prizes (including foreigners).
  • Trophies and prizes will be cumulative.
  • The awards ceremony for the absolute category will be joint at 2:30 p.m. from Saturday 04/20/2024
  • Failure to attend the trophy ceremony will be understood as renunciation of the trophies or prizes.
  • The Master trophies will be collected in the space provided for this purpose, in the finish area starting at 3:00 p.m.

The Referee Judge of the RFEA will apply the following penalties or disqualifications, by own knowledge of the action or by report of other judges, commissioners of the organization or other means.


What is not reflected in these rules will be governed by the RFEA or World Athletics rules (in this order) and will be decided by the Arbitrator Judge.

Complaints concerning the outcome or conduct of the race shall be made within 30 minutes of the publication of official results. Any complaint shall be made orally to the Arbitrator Judge.

An Appeal Jury will be appointed consisting of two judges appointed in the race, and a person from the

Organization, who will examine all appeals to the decisions of the Arbitrator Judge filed in writing and a deposit of €60 will be mandatory.

Any runner may be subject to doping control before, during, or at the end of the race. In case of refusal to undergo testing, the athlete will be sanctioned in the same way as if the runner were found positive.

The organization will implement internal actions on health. These actions do not have the intention or the competence to replace the national and international regulations in force regarding the fight against doping, but instead aim to strengthen the medical supervision proposed by the organization.

By signing up you agree to:

  • Inform the organization in the event of use of a prescription subject to a Therapeutic Use Authorization (TUE). Allergies and/or any type of contraindications to medications.
  • Accept the taking of urine, blood or capillary samples and the performance of the subsequent analyzes requested by the organization’s Medical Council, understanding that the expenses inherent to both the extraction and the analyzes will be borne by the organization itself.
  • Accept any call that the Medical Council of the race may make, based on the information collected to assess your fitness to participate in any of the races. After said meeting, the organization will be able to determine your participation.

Found objects and uncollected life bags will be available on weekdays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for 2 weeks at the Marató i Mitja Club headquarters (Sanahuja 55 bajo 12004 – Castelló). After this period the objects will be donated to an NGO.

For any shipping management you can contact:

All runners expressly waive their image rights during the race, and they waive any right to appeal to organizers for the use of that image. Organizers may authorize the media to use that image through an accreditation or license. All communication about the event or the use of images from the event must respect the name of the event and the event’s trademarks with organizers’ authorization. The organizing entity reserves exclusives rights to event images, as well as rights to the audiovisual and journalistic exploitation of the event. Any media or publicity project must have the consent of the organizers.

In accordance with what is established in the Organic Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de diciembre regarding the Protection of Personal Data, all personal data provided by participants and the images obtained in the course of the event will be stored in the files of the organizers of  ASICS Penyagolosa Trails®, in order to manage event participation, as well as the promotion, distribution and dissemination of the event. This article grants the ability at any moment to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a document accompanied by national ID to the registered office of Club Esportiu Marató i Mitja Castello – Penyagolosa in Sanahuja 55, 12004 – Castelló de la Plana.

Registering for the race implies recognition and compliance with these rules.

Any circumstances not provided for in these Rules shall be decided by the Race Committee.

ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® responds to a philosophy, with increasing popularity, that combines outdoor sports with respect for nature. For this reason, we invite all participants in the event to share our philosophy and to contribute, with their eco-responsible behavior, to maintaining the balance of the natural environment of the places where the event is held.

Part of the route runs along tracks and trails in the Parc Natural de Penyagolosa. The people participating in these races know very well that the mountain is a fragile environment that must be preserved. Therefore, the organization intends for this to be an eco-responsible race that is as respectful of the mountains as possible. Its objective is to have zero impact on the natural environment and to raise collective awareness to protect this exceptional environment. For this reason, the organization, in addition to rigorously complying with the rules of the Parc Natural de Penyagolosa, proposes:

  • Fight against soil erosion. It is mandatory to follow the signs, the use of shortcuts outside of marked roads and trails is prohibited. With special attention to the section of the route from Les Useres to Sant Joan de Penyagolosa, which runs along the Camí dels Pelegrins de Les Useres.
  • Waste limitation. Participants must have their own glass to serve drinks.
  • Waste management. Runners must deposit their waste selectively.

The events in nature have an environmental, economic and social impact in the geographical area in which they are realized. Therefore, the introduction sustainability criteria in the whole life cycle of an event, from the stage of the organization up to the legacy that leaves the proper event in the community that holds it from the social and economic point of view, becomes especially important.

In ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® we are sure of the need to do our activity in a more responsible and sustainable way, as well as to assure the co-responsibility and the good practices of all the involved agents and, certainly, of the need to protect and preserve the surrounding environment.

In 2017 ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® was certified by UNE-EN ISO 20121:2013 that specifies the requirements of a sustainability management system to host all kinds of events or activities related to the same. Thus, it offers criteria for the different stages and activities: design, planning, implementation, review and post sustainable event activities.

This standard does not take the certification of the event as an aim, but the certification of the management system of the organizations that deals with the events with the purpose of assuring that, those limitations included in the scope, are managed in conformity with the sustainability criteria.

Benefits of organizing sustainable events:

  • Collaboration in the strengthening of the local economy.
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint of the event.
  • Cost reduction, as consequence of the reduction in the consumption of resources (water, energy, etc.) and of the optimization of the processes to make them more efficient.
  • Improvement of the control on the chain of supply, as consequence of the actions carried out by suppliers and contractors.
  • Demonstration towards third parties of the public and ethical commitment with the society, the environment, and the sustainability.
  • Increase of the competitiveness and the access to new markets that are becoming ever challenging and specialized that look for an added value, such as those related to environmental respect, religious sensibilities or ethical values.
  • Improvement of the reputation and coherence with Social Responsibility and Sustainability policy, for the organizations that promote it as well as those who manage and organize the event.

With this certification, ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® was the first international trail event with this recognition, becoming an example to follow in terms of efficient management and quality, and responsibility towards society and the environment

ASICS Penyagolosa Trails® joined the few sport events around the world, such as the London Olympic

Games®, the Barcelona World Race® or Roland Garros®, with the standard certification for sustainable event management.

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