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Analysis of the tracks: TWC, from Les Useres to finish line (part 2)

 MiM, CSP and TWC routes are the same, excepte the first 5K of the CSP, until Les Useres. From this point all of them go trought concrete track and in a few metres it arrives to a single track. Here we come back to a dirt road  and continue climbing  during a hundred metres. Here, the dirt road stars to hover and, in 300m, the MiM diverts to Torrosselles, while TWC and CSP continue through dirt road, until arriving to downhill cliff single track by PR. Here the old Atzeneta road to Les Useres has been cleaned,  the one that went through Sabatera’s cliff. Runners will continue climbing until a cotage.

At Mas de Artesa de Abajo we continue a dirt road and on our left, by single track, we will arrive to el Piló (704 msnm), the term límit between Atzeneta and Les Useres. This uphill is timed in Strava with the name Pujada a la Serra de la Creu and has 4,4 km. and 317 m+.

Penyagolosa Trails-Octubre 2017-17

Then, we will go downhill by single track until las Foyes, where we will go back to a dirt path to cross the Castillo’s cliff. From here, we will take the route to Atzeneta, were we will cross the village in Corral Blanc and Barranc del Pouet direction. At Venta del Pont, we will continue a single path called la Carmona paralel to the road to Benafigos. During some metres, we leave the cliff thanks to an ancient recovered path and, beneath Mas de la Garrofera, we come back. We definitely leave the cliff and go uphill by dirt road during a kilòmetre and at la Carmona level we go uphill by single path until Benafigos.

All this uphill of 7km and 500m + is in Strava with Pujada Benafigos name.

Penyagolosa Trails-Octubre 2017-109

At Benafigos, CSP continues to Culla. TWC turn on left to Barranco de Carmona by the Solana’s path. After, runners continues to uphill some km to up the Loma de Benafigos, under Tossal Pelat  (1055 msnm).

 This track is in Strava with the name Pujada al Tossal Pelat and it has 2,75kms y 221m +.

A steep downhill into El Barranco del Forcall, followed by an steep but easy-steeping uphill to el Mas de les Roques. Here, a technical section starts with a cliff on the left hand side of the track and an overhanging rock ceiling that will follow the route until the caves at the bottom of el Barranco de la Ferreria. There will be a last uphill on a clearly visible path until the village of Vistabella. This section of 4,86 km and 457m+ is in Strava with the name Pujada BNC de Forcall en Vistabella.

Penyagolosa Trails-Culla-58

Note, that just before Vistabella the TWC route gets back together with CSP route for 200 meters. Nevertheless, in the aid station the two diferent routes will split up again. Vistabella is left behind by dirt road that slowly becomes a technical descent until el Barranco dels Molins. An uphill of 1.9 km and 365+  is waiting for the runners. Even though, it may not seem difficult on paper, at this point of the race the atletes will have to grit their teeth and work their way up. The uphill is in Strava named Subida bnc del Molí a el Molinet. 


 Penyagolosa Trails-Culla-52

The uphill to La Masia Manzanares or also called Bajo el Piló is in Strava and has 2,85km and 259m+.


In el Pla de la Creu, the TWC route crosses the MIM track (that climbs on the left) and keeps going down to el Avellanar. The circuit on an easy single track passes through el Mas de Vela and la Masía dels Colegials where it gets back togheteher with the CSP circuit until the finish line.


Those last kilometers are basically made of single tracks. A wavy section until el Cingle de Gargant to start an uphill until el Mas del Collao. From the bottom part of this section to the top we can find the segment in Strava with 6km and 388m+ named Subida BCN Frailes en Masia Cambreta. 

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From here, we go to the goal in Sant Joan de Penyagolosa. 

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