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Miguel Caballero wins again Penyagolosa Trails MiM 2021

The Aragonese runner crossed the finish line at 11:34am with a time of 05:34:16, winning for the third time the Penyagolosa Trails Marató i Mitja.

José Ángel Fernández and Abel Carretero had magnificent performances placing second and third on the MiM men’s podium.

After a disputed competition, Miguel Caballero eventually became the first to cross the finish line at 11:34 with a time of 05:34:16. Caballero, who had entered Xodos (50.1km) as leader, fought for the victory until the very last moment with José Ángel Fernández, who crossed the finish line second with a time of 05:41:13. Finally, Abel Carretero placed third with a time of 05:45:29, completing a podium in which the authority and experience of the Spanish runners became evident.

Miguel Caballero, as a deep expert over the course and former MiM winner, was eager to reach the top of the ranking again, after winning in 2015 and 2017, and reaching second in 2019. The runner up José Ángel Fernández participated in Penyagolosa Trails after recently winning in Ultra Trail Bosques del Sur 2021 (98km); and bronze medalist Abel Carretero was first in Tenerife Bluetrail 2019 (67km) and eighth in this year’s edition (71km). Not only the Penyagolosa Trails 2021 Marató i Mitja podium was composed of three Spanish athletes, but the fourth place also went to the Spanish – and local – runner Cristóbal Adell. Finally, Czech runner Tomas Hudec crossed the finish line fifth.

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