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Essential materials to face Penyagolosa Trails 2021

Penyagolosa Trails, a key event in the sports calendar of Castellón, is only a month away. 

The use of a mask is mandatory at several points along the route. 

A month before the celebration of Penyagolosa Trails, the team organizing the trail running event focuses on the necessary equipment so that the participants can face the race with all the guarantees. The correct planning of clothing, footwear and material is an essential condition to avoid mishaps and ensure the highest performance. This edition, scheduled from 15 to 17 October 2021, will be marked by a special attention to health regulations, due to the health context.

The organization of Penyagolosa Trails has made available to the participants a list with the mandatory and recommended equipment for the MiM and CSP. As they state in their regulations, this material “will be checked at start and finish” and can be reviewed again at any other point in the rac

Although little distinction is made between the material needed for both modes of racing, there are some particularities to consider depending on whether the runner faces to 60 km, in the case of the MiM, or 110 km, in the case of the CSP. Among the materials common to both tests, the participant will find: a glass or container, a thermal or survival blanket with a minimum of 1.40 m x 2 m, a hat, cap, bandana or visor to protect the head from the sun, containers for liquids with a minimum capacity of 1 liter and an operating mobile phone, loaded and with the number provided. In the case of CSP a front light with replacement batteries (or two front lights) and a rear red light (Warning Safety Brake) are mandatory. This last tool is highly recommended for MiM runners, as the sunrise time is at 07:15 while the start of the race is at 06:00.

In the recommended material section, valid for both tests, the organization of Penyagolosa Trails includes: a whistle, a backpack or fanny pack with minimum capacity of 3 liters, sunscreen and food reserve, beyond the supply points that runners will find during the tour. As far as clothing is concerned, it is recommended to equip yourself with pants or tights with a length below the knees, windproof jacket with long sleeve with hood, long sleeve thermal T-shirt or sleeves, sunglasses and suitable footwear.

Mask, compulsory at some points along the route

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it necessary to include one more element in this list: the mask. This element of protection against the virus will be mandatory in some sections of the route or during access to some services. Thus, the runners must carry it in the area of delivery of race numbers, at the start of the race and until the relevant withdrawal signs, in the areas of victualling and on arrival, to continue with the circuit of departure. In addition, it will be required when accessing medical services, the trophy delivery area, cloakroom service and during bus trips. Finally, the organization requires wearing masks on sections that cross an urban core.

These masks, as well as the containers needed to drop them without affecting the natural environment, will be available at the agreed points.

In this way, Penyagolosa Trails ensures the safety of the runners who participate in the MiM and the CSP, but, at the same time, appeals to the particular responsibility of each of them for their own protection and that of the others. 

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