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ASICS Penyagolosa Trails 2023: Historical edition with 3 records

Ben Dhiman and Mercedes Pila break the record in CSP and José Ángel Fernández breaks Vicente Calvo’s historic record in MiM.. Gemma Arenas achieves her  poker of victories in ASICS Penyagolosa Trails

The 24th edition of the MiM and the 11th of the CSP promised a lot with the level of runners who was in both races. And expectations were met and even exceeded, with four absolutely incredible races that have left us 3 records, for Ben Dhiman and Mercedes Pila in the CSP and for José Ángel Fernández in MiM, and the winning poker of Gemma Arenas, who continues to grow his legend.

José Ángel Fernández “Canales” breaks the historical record of the MiM

Incredible what José Ángel Fernández “Canales” has done today in MiM. After a 2nd place in 2021 and a 5th place with a podium in the RFEA Spanish Championship in 2022, he has destroyed the clock in 2023. The Andalusian has stopped the time in 5:12:54, which means that he has beaten the Vicente Calvo’s historic record from 2011. He has set a very strong pace from the beginning, which has meant that the podium candidate squad will remain at ten before kilometer 20. As the race progressed, the man from Jaén was taking advantage and scoring partial absolutely amazing. Behind him came Mario Olmedo, who also had a great time and was 4 minutes behind Canales. The podium has been completed by Ionel Cristian Manole, who has surpassed Ramon Manetsch by a few meters.

Ben Dhiman, came for the record and  he got it

The American Ben Dhiman said in the preview that he wanted to win and do it with a record. And from the first kilometer he started setting a very high pace and each step through the different controls marked incredible partials. After Borriol, Noel Yannick caught up with him and they both went all night together. Between Vistabella and Xodos, Ben Dhiman’s pace ended up breaking the race and he began to make some differences, which although they weren’t very big, were totally decisive. If last year we were all surprised by the times set by the German Hannes Namberger, this year the American has lowered his time, leaving the clock at 10:35:48. A great time that is the new test record. He was accompanied on the podium by Noel Yannick and Hirokazu Nishimura.


Gemma Arenas, legend

Gemma Arenas has lived an idyll with ASICS Penyagolosa Trails since 2016. Two victories in CSP, two victories in MiM, two second places, a 4th place in the World Championship held here in 2018 with team gold… Every year she comes to Castellón and scores runs and always follows extraordinary results. Today her pace has been impressive from the start, soon distancing herself from her pursuers and managing to lower her times from the last edition. Only Sara-Rebeka Linde managed to stay at a short distance, for a couple of minutes. But in the final part, Gemma managed to increase those differences and reach the finish line with a spectacular time of 6:20:25. The best record of her in her career. The podium was completed by the Norwegian runner and the American Kelly Wolf.

Mercedes Pila, returned in style

Mercedes Pila has achieved her second CSP today and she has done it in a spectacular way. Record of the rade for the Ecuadorian, who has set a real run. Pila won the race in 2016 and finished second in in 2017, behind Gemma Arenas. Six years later she has returned to this race and has smashed all records, 13:12:02. The Ecuadorian passed the first control of the race second, behind Jocelyne Pauly and before Camilla Spagnol. But from kilometer 40 she would put herself first and set a pace that no one has been able to follow. The French and the Italian were second and third until the end, when Camille Spagnol overtook her and got second place. Third was Joclyne Podium completing a podium under 14 hours.

Edition for the history

The director of ASICS Penyagolosa Trails, Tico Cervera, highlighted that “we have relived an edition for history, with races that have been incredible and that have allowed us to experience the magic of the Trail again.” In this sense, it must be remembered that the race has been broadcast to the whole world through the web and on television through Teledeporte and Esport 3. Finally, Tico Cervera thanked “all the work of the volunteers, who have made this edition possible. It’s impressive to see how they always throw themselves into the race and how they make everything possible. Simply thanks!”.

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