Everything you need to know if you are participating in Penyagolosa Trails

The race organization is arranging the last details for an epic edition.

A little over two weeks for the celebration of Penyagolosa Trails (from October 15 to 17), the organization, volunteers and runners are all preparing themselves to return to their pure state. In this exciting return, the organization has established different protocols and sanitary measures to guarantee the health and safety of all. Thus, it is essential to know in depth all the details of the race if you want to avoid setbacks.


On Friday, October 15, between 11:00 and 21:00, the participants should head to the Plaza de las Aulas in Castelló, to pick up their bib (through a previous reservation system). Once there, participants will receive their runner’s bag with the official t-shirt of this edition, soft flasks, stickers, and other surprises such as a selection of typical local products with the aim of promoting the province’s gastronomic wealth, taking care of the environment, and supporting sustainability. At Plaza las Aulas runners can make use of the free cloakroom service and deliver the so-called “drop bags” to the organization. MiM participants can only deliver one bag, correctly identified and closed, which shall be collected later at the goal once the race is finished. CSP runners will be able to deliver two bags, which shall be collected in Culla and in the goal.

Because the races are individual tests in self-sufficiency and thus require a lot of preparation, participants should make sure that they are carrying all the necessary equipment to guarantee their safety during the race, as missing items may be a cause for disqualification. In our web (www.localhost/penyagolosa) runners can consult the list with all compulsory and recommended materials that the organization has stipulated for both tests. Besides, due to the current sanitary restrictions, it will also be mandatory to wear a mask in some areas of the route such as the start, refreshment points, access to certain services or in urban areas, reason why runners should remain attentive to the corresponding signaling, and the indications of the organization and the volunteers.



Once with the bib number – an essential element for participating and accessing the different services of the sports event, the athletes will be ready for the great challenge for which they have been preparing so rigorously for so long. On Saturday, October 16th, unlike other years, the participants of both races will meet in the same location: the athletics tracks of the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló (UJI). CSP will start at 00:00, while the start of the MiM will take place at 6:00 (it is important to remember that one hour before the start of each race there will be a bib check). The organization has planned a system of start boxes with a calculation of waiting areas that will guarantee the social distance and minimize runners’ time of exposure.


The refreshment points will be equipped with all the sanitary measures to minimize contact between runners and volunteers. There, participants will find everything they need to regain strength: water, energy drinks, assorted fruits, dried fruits, biscuits, dried sausage, Anitin snacks, banana and cheesecake flavored LongoBars, energy bars and Longovit 360º with minerals (which provide energy progressively) from Nutrinovex. At some very specific stops, certain food extras will also be offered, such as bread with tomatoes and ham or tuna in the case of the MiM; or rice, pasta and broth in the CSP. The great novelty of this edition comes from Nutrinovex, which will provide extra energy at the refreshment point in Xodos.

Besides, with the aim of building an eco-responsible race and promoting environmental protection and respect for the natural environment, all the refreshment posts will have specific containers for the correct discarding of the waste generated by each runner. As the rules state, “any runner throwing rubbish along the course will be disqualified”, evincing the strong commitment to sustainability that the organization has been advocating for years.

For the MiM, the refreshment points are located in: Borriol (8.2 km), La Bassa (22.3 km), Les Useres (31 km), Torrosselles (40.3 km), Xodos (49.4 km), La Banyadera (56.1 km) and Sant Joan de Penyagolosa (59.2 km), where the finish line is located. In the CSP, the stops will be in Borriol, La Bassa and Les Useres as in the MiM, and from there, in Atzeneta del Maestrat (41.4 km), Benafigos (51, 9 km), Culla (63.4 km), Sant Bertomeu (73.8 km), Vistabella del Maestrat (82 km), Xodos (91.5 km), El Collao (98.3 km) and finally Sant Joan de Penyagolosa (107.5 km). However, external personal assistance will not be allowed in all of them, so it is important to check the official regulations when planning stops and accompaniment.

At all times, the organization will have a large medical team distributed at different points along the route to provide the necessary medical support in the event of an emergency. The medical team will have the power to order the withdrawal, evacuation, or hospitalization of any runner if it is determined that he/she cannot continue.


When runners arrive at Sant Joan de Penyagolosa, they will be welcomed by the members of the organization and the volunteers present there with refreshment and cloakroom services available. The trophies however will not be awarded there. The participants will gradually take a shuttle bus that will take them directly to the town of Vistabella, where the trophy ceremony will be held. It should be noted that the absolute male and female categories will receive their trophies on the podium, while the winners of the other categories will receive their trophies in a marquee set up specifically for this purpose.


The organization will provide the runners with a free bus transfer, both for the return trip from the finish line and for eventual abandonments, always from the different control points set up for the transfer. Buses will be set up at the following locations: Les Useres, Atzeneta del Maestrat and Vistabella; all of them will leave towards Sant Joan de Penyagolosa, with the exception of the CSP night bus from Les Useres and Atzeneta, which will leave directly to the race start. The organization will soon publish the buses timetable and will be in charge of guaranteeing the compliance of all the sanitary measures in the shuttle access.