Comunitat de L’Esport, promoter of Valencian sports, together with Penyagolosa Trails

Comunitat de L’Esport seizes the Valencian Community’s government commitment to their sports and the values of effort promoted by Trinidad Alfonso Foundation.

Comunitat de l’Esport, a project promoted by Generalitat Valenciana and the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, aims to position the Valencian Community as a benchmark in sports practice. Comunitat de l’Esport is a brand that oversees all regional sports and supports athletes and competitions such as Penyagolosa Trails.

Through its Department of Education, Culture and Sports, the Generalitat Valenciana is in charge of providing resources to associations and clubs that integrate sports into society. Penyagolosa Trails counts with their logistical and financial support to ensure a race with international recognition and an unforgettable sports event in the Valencian territory.

The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, chaired by Juan Roig, was born in 2012 with the aim of celebrating the values of effort, improvement and progress of athletes and sporting events in the Valencian Community. It supports Penyagolosa Trails since 2016, when the Foundation awarded the Emprén Esport Award to Penyagolosa Trails in the category of Effort Universalization-Sports Event.

The celebration of Penyagolosa Trails contributes to placing the Valencian Community on the map by promoting its natural environments and unique landscapes – such as the Penyagolosa Natural Park. The support that the Comunitat de l’Esport offers to Penyagolosa Trails corresponds to one of its main pillars of action: promoting sporting events capable of attracting more tourism to the Valencian territory.