Nutrinovex has renewed its Premium Partner agreement with Penyagolosa Trails

The sports nutrition products company Nutrinovex has innovated in its energy gels to reduce microplastics in the natural environment.

Nutrinovex has big names as ambassadors, such as Luis Alberto Hernando, three-times world Champion of Trail Running.

Less than a month to go before Penyagolosa Trails takes place (from 15 to 17 October 2021). This year Penyagolosa Trails is doing a particularly special race, after being postponed due to the global pandemic. Besides, it will once again count with the sponsorship of Nutrinovex as Premium Partner of the race.

Nutrinovex, a sports nutrition company from Castellón, will be in charge of providing athletes with the necessary energy supplements during the course of the competition, offering its products over different refreshment points set up along the route. From handmade almond paste energy bars with different flavours (ideal for long-lasting efforts) to the icononic isotonic drink Longovit 360º (a food supplement based on carbohydrates, minerals, amino acids, magnesium and vitamin B1), Nutrinovex will offer the perfect combination to get to Sant Joan with unmatched energy.

Nutrinovex shares with Penyagolosa Trails the firm commitment to sustain and ensure environmental care. This year, Nutrinovex has innovated in the packaging of its energy gels by developing a safety opening system that does not split into smaller parts and does not fall to the ground, thus avoiding the spread of microplastics in nature.

Nutrinovex is a reference company in the world of sport, has key ambassadors in several sports disciplines, especially Luis Alberto Hernando, three-time world champion of Trail Running, as well as Laia Cañes, world runner-up; Patricia Barreda, Roberto Gil, David Prades and Víctor Bernad, references within the elite of Trail Running, and all of them, participants in Penyagolosa Trails in its latest editions.



FACSA, promoter of sports and healthy habits, together with Penyagolosa Trails

The Gimeno Group company, expert in the management of the integral water cycle, has reinforced its commitment to Penyagolosa Trails, uninterrupted since 2017.

Penyagolosa Trails, to be held between October 15 and 17, 2021, is one of the most emblematic sports events in the province of Castellón, with a national and international outreach. It counts with 22 editions of the 60 km Marató i Mitja (MiM) and 9 editions of the 110 km Castelló – Penyagolosa (CSP) race. Since 2017 it has been supported by FACSA as a Premium partner.

Promoting sports and their values of respect, effort, and tolerance are fundamental pillars of FACSA’s social policy. The support that FACSA provide to various sports initiatives, to the construction of a Sports City in Castellón, and to the creation of CF Fomento Castellón are all proof of it.

Besides, the agreement between Penyagolosa Trails and FACSA also has a sustainable aspect through the actions of FOBESA, which is also a company of Grupo Gimeno. FOBESA will make the selective separation of waste during the Penyagolosa Trails races possible, with the installation of special bins made of cardboard throughout the route. This initiative will favour the correct separation of all waste into different parts, such as light packaging or paper and cardboard, among others, to subsequently facilitate their correct management. 

It is worth noting that in 2017 Penyagolosa Trails was certified by the UNE-EN ISO 20121:2013 standard, regarding sustainable systems of event management, and became the first international trail event with this recognition, which made possible the adoption of a series of measures and good practices that are still in place today.

The Villarreal CF, through its program Endavant Esports, revalidates its support to Penyagolosa Trails

39 athletes and 30 clubs already benefit from the initiative of the sports club, according to data from last season.

The Endavant Esports project, whose activity began in 2004, aims to promote provincial sport by supporting both Castellón clubs and athletes as well as outstanding events in the sports calendar of Castellón. The latter is the case of Penyagolosa Trails, whose next event will take place between 15 and 17 October 2021. The agreement between the two projects has been reaffirmed once again since 2017 and the yellow submarine initiative remains as a Premium partner in the race in the year of its return, following the postponements imposed by the health situation in 2020.

The trail running race, of national and international scope, takes 22 editions in its modality of Marató i Mitja (MiM), of 60 km, and 9 in the race Castelló – Penyagolosa (CSP), of 110 km. It is positioned, as well as a must-see for trail lovers and a unique opportunity to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the province.

The Villarreal CF, a benchmark success club for athletes in the province

The Villarreal CF, which does not stop adding successes, has started the season with very good sensations and with the women’s team debuting in Primera Iberdrola, the top category. A historic event for the club, which already has two of its teams in the elite of football nationally. His career is an example for other provincial athletes of any discipline.

In addition to the commendable work of the Villarreal CF, Penyagolosa Trails highlights the values that it shares with Endavant Esports, strength, courage, unity, optimism and enthusiasm, in all its fields of action, both for sports, social, cultural and educational purposes.