Ombeline Blanc: “I looked TWC information, I saw CSP and I said: why not?!!”

Ombeline Blanc will fly from Reunion Island to participate in Penyagolosa Trails. 9,000 km away, after which a great adventure awaits! Here he tells us how he sees this experience

How do you imagine Penyagolosa Trails HG?

Long and hot route! A great adventure...

What do you know about Penyagolosa Trails HG?

Except some videos on the Internet, nothing yet. I leave to the discovery 🙂

What do you expect from Castellón and our towns?

A beautiful atmosphere and a warm welcome…

How did you meet our race?

I looked at information concerning the world championship and I saw that there was this race in parallel. I said to myself “why not”!!

How do you face a challenge like CSP?

I pray!!! 😉
And I takes it as a big hike, a pilgrimage… a challenge, alone by myself.

How have you prepared for a race like this?

I trained with friends and my club “Experun Performance” and “Team Globetrailers”.