Perfil MiM 2018

We continue with our analysis of the routes. A few days ago, we published the track Castelló-Les Useres and know we are going to continue with the MiM until the finish line. From Les Useres we go straight ti the GR33-Camí dels Pelegrins continuing the general tour, on a slight slope and through paths, until passing Serra de la Creu hill. It is important to remember that the Natural Monument of Camí dels Pelegrins is a route that immerses us in the Penyagolosa and that goes through the municipal districts of Les Useres, Llucena del Cid, Xodos y Vistabella del Maestrat. Its paths and ways have constituted the main communication ways between villages and farms through the history and in between goes one the most ancestrals rituals of the Valencian Community. The path goes through hills and steep beatifull ravines with a great environmental importance.

After Serra de la Creu, we will go down through path until el Barranc de la Vall and we will go uphill to la Mas de la Vall, overcoming a hill, to go down again trough paths to Barranc de Sant Miquel and continue going hard uphill to Sant Miquel de Torrocelles hermitage by path.

This section is STRAVA timed with the name Sant Miquel de Torrosselles and it has 2,67kms y 141m+. 

Penyagolosa Trails-Octubre 2017-53

We we cross the fortification, we go up to lloma Bernat by path, in an ascension of 4,81kms and 490m+, timed in STRAVA as Lloma Bernat. 

We will continue in a runneable downhill, combining path and track, until arriving to the base of the ascension to Xodos that is almost always hard at this point of the MiM. They are 3,22kms and 129m+ almost all of them at the end. In SRAVA you will find them as Xodos.

Penyagolosa Trails-Octubre 2017-411


From Xodos you will go out by track, remqaining on Marianet base, to to go uphill to Pla de la Creu path. This section are 3,51kms and 376m+ timed in  STRAVA with the name of Marinet.

 Penyagolosa Trails-Octubre 2017-345

We cross the tracks and continue a kilometer until finding a change from the last edition track. At the level of the junction, toward Mas de Vela, we will follow an old path to arrive clove to the Tossal de les Mallades and arrive to la Banyadera. This uphill are Esta subida son 2,18kms and 150m+ in STRAVA we find it as Banyadera.

In Banyadera we enter in the Natural Park of Penyagolosa, an incredible natural space, that represents a geographical milestone  and a Deep-rooted cultural referent in the valencian tradition. The Park has 1.094.45 hectares and its highest peak, Penyagolosa, is the second highest mountain in Comunitat Valenciana. This space extends over the townships of Xodos, Vistabella del Maestrat y Villahermosa del Río.

From Banyadera, practically all by path and wavy downhill through Lloma del Conill until arrivint to Sant Joan de Penyagolosa, by the PR79. There you will find the big reward for the effort: the finish line.

Penyagolosa Trails-Octubre 2017-294