Transgrancarnaria HG will decide spanish team to compete in PenyagolosaTrails HG

Real Athletics Federation has confirmed the Spanish Trail Championships will be in Transgrancanaria HG next 24th on february.  This trail will be 64 Km. And 3200 metres positive grades and it will decide the members of spanish team to compete in Trail World Championships in PenyagolosaTrails HG.

Undoubtedly, these two events will be a great promotion for both tests, which will internationalize even more, being two of the races essential next year. The best riders on the national and international scene will participate in these tests, which is a major boost for both as a trail running destination.

In this way, you can already write down two essential appointments in the calendar of the trail 2018: Transgrancanaria HG, February 24, and PenyagolosaTrails HG, from 10 to 13 May.