Gemma Arenas and Agustín Luján WAA Spain Ultra Cup leaders with their their victory in Peñalara

Third race of the season in WAA Spain Ultra Cup. It was in Navacerrada with the Gran Trail de Peñalara where the pair formed by Gemma Arenas and Agustín Luján climbed to the top of the podium.


Couple in sports and in life, their triumph is translated into the leadership of WAA Spain Ultra Cup XL.


Agustín Luján worked hard to win and reached the finish line in 13:37:31. With the victory added enough points to replace Timothy Olson as the leader of the circuit. Behind, second place for José Manuel Rodríguez and third for Álvaro Velázquez. In female category, triumph for Gemma Arenas, who came to Peñalara as winner of the CSP. Arenas was the best from start to finish and managed to win at 16:19:27, with an advantage of one hour regarding Belén Rodríguez and Luciana Moretti (second and third classified).