Pau Capell and Azara García win in Transgrancanaria HG 125 km

Great weekend in Gran Canaria! Third test of Ultra-Trail World Tour and premiere of Spain Ultra Cup 2017.

Pau Capell and Azara García

The main race of Transgrancanaria HG, the 125 km, had a high participation. Trail runners from all over the world came to the island to be part of one of the season’s highlights.Pau Capell won in a time of 13:21:03. Strong and ambitious, he achieved the victory, broke the race record and became leader of the Spain Ultra Cup XL.

Second was Vaidas Zlabys (13:35:38) and third 2016, Didrik Hermansen (13:50:06).
In the women’s category, the first leader of the Spain Ultra Cup XL is Azara García. She was clear winner in a race where the stomach problems caused the retirement of some of her strongest rivals like Caroline Chaverot or Gemma Arenas.

Garcia crossed the finish line in 16:25:20. Secondo was Andrea Huser (17:15:45) and third Mélanie Rousset (17:30:40).

The Marathon crowned Núria Picas and Albert Pujol

Albert Pujol and Nuria Picas are the first leaders of the Spain Ultra Cup M. Both climbed to the top of the podium in the Marathon at 3:09:08 and 3:35:10 respectively. With this time, Picas gets a new test record that was at 4:01:01.