251 and 750, the numbers chosen in Penyagolosa Trails HG lottery

About 4,400 pre-registered opted for one of the 1,500 slots for MiM or 600 slots for CSP. With runners from five continents, 34 nationalities and 47 Spanish provinces, the internationalization of this event is confirmed.
In a notary lottery, the winning number for CSP was 251. This means that those who have a number between 251 and 724, and between 1 and 126, get slot. In the MiM, the number chosen by luck was 750. Runners with numbers between 750 and 2249 will have a slot.
After this lottery, those who have obtained a place have 8 days to confirm their registration.

Penyagolosa Trails HG draws 2,100 dorsal among the about 4,400 pre-registered

All ready for the lottery of the 2,100 slots available for Penyagolosa Trails HG 2017. It will be on December 22, at 20:00 h.

With around 4,400 pre-registered, the international presence is outstanding. Runners from 34 nationalities from all over the world and representation from 47 of the 52 Spanish provinces are a good example of the desire to be on the starting line of the MiM and the CSP.