Penyagolosa Trails 2017 opens pre-registration December 1

Penyagolosa Trails Sport HG 2017 has fired up its engines and will open the pre-registration period for its 2017 edition on December 1st. Today the organization made this announcement after a year marked by efforts to obtain international recognition. Highlights include winning the Emprén Esport Award in the category of Universal Endurance Sports Event, and designation as host of the Trail World Championship, thanks to ITRA and IAU, in 2018. In addition, event organizers confirmed its inclusion in the prestigious international Ultra-Trail World Tour series.

Pre-registration from December 1 to 20

Penyagolosa Trail Sport HG will launch a new edition on April 22 and 23, 2017. For those interested in participating in the 19th annual MiM (63 km) or the 6th annual CSP (115 km), the pre-registration period will be open from December 1-20 through the official event website.

Subsequently, on December 22, there will be a raffle to award the 1,500 spots available for the MiM and 600 for the CSP.